Grant Application

The Atlanta Youth Running Foundation (AYRF) provides funds to clubs and organizations throughout the Atlanta Metropolitan area for “hard” assets such as: t-shirts, uniforms, running shoes, track equipment. AYRF does not fund travel expenses (such as airfare, lodging, gas, or meals), entry fees, training camps, teaching certification or training classes, videos, books, logs or any other ‘soft’ expenditures.  Deadline for submitting grant applications is 1 month prior to our quarterly meeting which are held the 3rd Tuesday in January, April, July and October.


Fill out the application pelow and provide an annual budget and Profit & Loss document from the previous year. Your grant request must identify exactly what you are requesting funds to purchase along with the amount you are requesting. Any of our board members can assist you with identifying a request that will be approved.

Once the grant request is submitted, you will be contacted by one of the board members to review the information in order to discuss it during our next meeting. 

After a quarterly board meeting, you will receive a letter from the board member who reviewed your grant request with you. That letter will need to be signed by the President of the organization and if applicable, the Treasurer. The letter serves as an agreement between the Atlanta Youth Running Foundation (AYRF) and your organization that the funds will be used according to the needs specified in your request. 

In order to fully comply with the grant agreement, after your receipt of the check and the grant request items have been purchased, AYRF will need receipts for the items purchased with the grant money. We would also like photos of the student-athletes either using or wearing the items that were purchased. Any stories, receipts and pictures that you can provide will be added to our website showcasing your organization.